Hi there…

I’m Jeff—a creative director and brand strategist based in Denver, Colorado.

I’ve spent my career combining insights with innovation to help organizations find clarity of purpose, define their voice and connect with audiences on an emotional and meaningful level. I’m driven by big ideas, wicked problems and a passion for creating memorable experiences.

Along the way, I’ve managed and mentored multiple, high-performing creative teams. Refined and amplified the brands of complex, matrixed organizations. Delivered award-winning, omni-channel campaigns that achieved goals and dramatically increased engagement and brand equity.

Short story long, I’ve put energy into work I can be proud of, with people I enjoy, for causes I believe in. I work hard, laugh often—and rarely take myself too seriously.

I’m looking for new challenges and opportunities to tell stories and help brands thrive. Like what you hear? Let’s talk.

Always curious

I’m constantly driven to better understand how things work. “Why?” and “What if?” are two of my favorite tools.

No small jobs

Approach every opportunity as if it were the most important thing around. To someone, it already is.

Strategy over impulse

Strategy is at the heart of every successful endeavor. Knowing what, why and how isn’t just a bonus, it’s at the heart of everything I do.

Solutions, not ornaments

Pretty is good. Helpful is better. Unforgettable is best. Identify the opportunity, understand the challenges and deliver in a way that’s impossible to ignore.

Less is more

Don’t use 10 words when five will do. Don’t fill the page with distractions. Make it effortless, engaging and purposeful. More is easy; simple takes vision, strategy, focus and perseverance.

Humble expert

Be the most memorable—not the loudest—voice in the room. Never stop learning. Be generous in sharing everything you know, and in embracing what you don’t. The world already has enough know-it-all’s.